Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The first Christmas

Sometimes I wonder what Jesus would think of what we have made of his birthday. how much of what he taught or believed in is actually seen in all the rush, glitz and materialism that is modern Christmas? Over 2000 years ago, a very uncomfortable Mary (very pregnant)took a long ride on a donkey to a strange town that was over run by people who had been forced there by a mean politician to pay taxes! She and her husband could not find a room, so she ended up giving birth to God in a cold dark cave where they kept animals. She wrapped him ,not in designer cloths but rags. She layed him in a manger (a place where they would feed animals). But all the stars in the sky shone very bright! Angles sang to shepherds proclaiming his birth! Kings traveled from the East to bring expensive gifts! What a contrast! He was born so lowly, yet worshipped in heaven and earth! I wish we could see more of him at Christmas, but there is so much business and stress! But then again, I think it must have been pretty stressful for Mary and Joseph too!

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