Saturday, November 04, 2006

What do you say when Christians fail?

There is a very high profile pastor in the USA who has resigned in disgrace because he bought drugs, and had a relationship with a male prostitute. I don't know exactly what he has done. If he is very guilty, or just a little guilty. What does it matter? He fell, and it has put a dark spot on Christians everywhere! I'm sure his family, his poor wife, and the folks at his Church are confused and hurt. I can only say I am sorry this happened. Does Jesus really have the power to change a person’s life? You know what, He does. But God is not going to tie your hands and keep you from sinning. If you don't follow him, you are going to get lost! How does someone like this pastor get lost? Maybe he just stopped reading the map (the Bible), and stopped asking for directions (praying) and tried to make it on his own! We are all lost without God.

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