Thursday, November 09, 2006

What could I tell you now if you sat across the table from me? I guess that would just depend upon what you needed to hear. Where you are at, and not trying to repeat what you already understand. If you read about Jesus, you will see He really was different with different people. To the religious, self righteous leaders he was wise and hard, with his disciples He was a friend and teacher, to the sick he was a healer, the hungry people got food, and those who were outcast felt his love and acceptance. There are "formulas" to express the content of the Gospel. I think they are OK. But you need to read the Bible, especially the life of Jesus to begin to understand what He was like.When I first thought about being a Christian I wanted what I would call my fire insurance. I believed God would judge me for my sins, and I wanted to receive the "free gift" of salvation through Jesus Christ. If He was willing to die for my sins, I was willing to receive that gift. I think that was pretty smart. If you believe in Hell, and someone offers you a way of escape,take it!
But after awhile (know one told me to read my Bible) I began to read the Bible. I saw that Jesus called his disciples to follow him. I decided at some point I actually wanted to get to know this God that was willing to die for me. The more I get to know him, the more amazed I am that he would actually die for me! My love and respect just grows more and more. It was not something that happened, instead it is something that is happening. I am changing to be more like this God I am following. I got on a road heading in a direction. It did not seem like such a big thing when I began this journey 33 years ago, but I guess I've covered a little ground!

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