Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not just becoming a Christian but staying a Christian

I think many people make some sort of movement towards God at one point in their lives. They find themselves moved by some event,or feeling a need, or even striking a bargain with God. But what is it that moves a persons heart to want to actually follow God as best they can for the rest of their lives? I think the answer is in the idea of relationship. Yes,Jesus can save you from your sin. He can keep you out of Hell! You sin, and then you ask him for forgiveness...and you are forgiven. But there can be so much more then being a forgiven sinner! You could be a child of God. You could be in the process of actually knowing God. And as we learn to know him, we also learn what he likes and doesn't like. If we love him, we don't want to do the things that he hates! We want to pursue the things that build up the relationship! It is the desire for a deeper relationship that keeps us growing, and not walking away.

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