Saturday, October 28, 2006

What direction is your life going in?

I think the reason I thought the Woody Allen, Billy Graham interview was so interesting was how the two men ended up as they got older.The Bible says that sin is enjoyable for a season. Clearly Woody Allen enjoyed his season of sin. If fact, he basically tried to make Billy Graham look weird for not living the life of sin that basically everyone lives. The Bible also says straight is the road, and narrow is the way that leads to life, and not many find it. In contrast, wide is the road that leads to death, and many go in that direction (my paraphrase). As far as I know, Billy Graham lives an amazing life full of peace and honor. When he dies (and it will happen soon) he will die with peace. As far I know about Woody Allen, he will be remembered for his writing and a very troubled personal life. I think the people that choose a life of faith (especially at a young age) will be made to seem weird by the crowds of folks going down that other road. A road determines direction. The real question is were would you like to end up at the end of your journey?

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